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Satélite Estudios

Recording, mixing and mastering studio

Satélite Estudios is Jorge Otero‘s (Stormy Mondays) studio. In its top secret location in Oviedo (Asturias) musical dreams come true, rivers of coffee flow -in 15 varieties- and there is always dark chocolate in the pantry.

It has an “all-in-one” room, designed by the renowned acoustic engineer Imar Sanmartí as a recording, rehearsal and control room. This allows us to work without booths, with all the musicians in the same space, and with fully controlled acoustic characteristics, from the frequency response to the reverberation time.

Satélite Estudios is a space designed for creativity. We allow you to record with the same comfort as in your living room, while keeping the quality of a first-rate recording studio.

About us

Satélite Estudios has been in operation since 2014, but we have accumulated many years of experience.


Jorge Otero

Jorge Otero has been working as a producer and sound engineer since 1997, in parallel to his role as a singer, guitarist and composer in Stormy Mondays.

Juanjo Zamorano

Juanjo Zamorano (singer, composer, guitarist and bassist) has been working as a recording and mixing assistant since the opening of the studio.