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Covid-19: we are back to work with some restrictions. Contact us for details.
The studio
The Studio
The Studio
Satélite Estudios
Our amps
Stager SR-2N
Our keyboards
Tivoli Radio, Comp 3A
Forma VU meter, Sansui RA-500 reverb
Tom Petty!
Avantone Mixcube
DAV BG2, TK-Audio BC1-S, Weight Tank, RME Fireface 802, Retro 2A3, DBX 160x
Tree Audio Branch II, Black Box HG-2, Drawmer 1968, Aphex 204
Our studio in the cover of "Mixing Secrets" by Sound on Sound
Bricasti M7 Reverb
500 series lunchbox
Softube Console 1
Neumann U67
Neumann KM84
Vanguard V44S
JZ Vintage 67
Neumann U67
Fulltone Solid State Tape Echo
Wem Copicat
A-Designs REDDI DI box
Piano y Hammond
Hammond A100 (B3)
Hammond A100 (B3)
Yamaha U1
Wurlitzer 200
Wurlitzer 200
Michelsonne toy piano
Moth Mic Retrophonic Std
Avantone CK-40 on overheads
Ludwig Black Beauty
Avantone M-S
Yamaha Recording Custom
Fender Telecaster
Fender 57 Custom Deluxe
Marshall Origin 20H
Gibson Les Paul
Fender Twin Reverb
Roadie Tuner
Hofner and Fender bass
Hofner bass
Marshall Origin 20H and Teye "La Perla"
Vox Mini Super Beetle
Colorsound Power Boost
Guitar FX pedals
Jorge's pedalboard
Reslo Xaudia