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At Satélite Estudios there is never a rush. We want you to make your music with calm and relaxation, so even though there’s an hourly rate, we do not work with the “taxi meter” on… 😉

Our prices


  • Full day (8 hours): € 250
  • Half day (4 hours): € 150
  • Minimum (2 hours): 100 €
  • Technician and assistant
  • Session setup: everything will be ready to record when you arrive
  • All the studio material (microphones, preamps, outboard, etc.)
  • Musical instruments (to be agreed in advance)
  • File delivery: export will be done by us, outside the session hours
  • Optical media (CD)
  • … and all the coffee you need
The Studio


Mixing for a band recording (any musical style) is priced per song, on a descending scale.

  • Single (1-2 songs): € 100 per song
  • EP (3-6 songs): € 90 per song
  • LP (7-15 songs): € 80 per song

Get in touch for lower prices in these cases:

  • If your project is very simple (soloist, duo, trio)
  • If it’s a live recording
  • If you have recorded it at our studio
Weight Tank, Focusrite Clarett Octopre, SPL Transient Designer, Vintage Audio M76, Samson Patchbay


Mastering is priced per project and not per song.

  • Single (1-2 songs): € 100
  • EP (3-6 songs): € 150
  • LP (7-15 songs): € 250

Includes DDP file creation for duplication, metadata input, reference CD, and WAV and MP3 file export.

Mastering deal for songs mixed at our studio

  • If it’s only one track, mastering is free.
  • For any other works, we offer a 50 € discount over the total mastering fee.

Vinyl record pressing

Talk to us and we’ll give you a personalized quote.

DAV BG2, TK-Audio BC1-S, A-Designs Hammer 2, RME Fireface 802, Retro 2A3, DBX 160x

Voice overs

  • € 50 per hour (2 hour minimum)

Voice recording for advertising, radio and television. We deliver in the format you need and complying with the emission standard that you request.

Audio postproduction and restoration

  • € 50 per hour

Postproduction of audio for video. Removal of noise, reverberation, distortion, clicks, etc. Digital capture of analog formats.

JZ Vintage 67

Mobile and location work

  • Full day: € 350

Mobile recording, sound on location, concerts, etc. Given the nature of the work, setup, travelling to location, etc. the work is always billed by full days.

500 series lunchbox

Prices do not include VAT.

If you cannot deduct VAT, ask about our special rates. We have a discount for you.