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Covid-19 : we are only available for mixing and mastering. The studio is not open to the public yet.


Our studio is ideal for recording from a soloist to a complete group playing together.

Avantone CK-40 En Overheads

We love to make records from start to finish, but we also function as “Satélite”: you can work some things in your home studio, and record others with us. Record your voices with our Neumann U67, take advantage of our piano and Hammond, or our collection of amps and pedals. We can even take care of recording the drums for your album with a professional drummer.


We mix your songs with our combination of the best analog hardware and the most advanced plugins.


A good mix ensures that all the energy and emotion of your songs is transmitted to the listener. If you order your mixes from us, your music will have the best possible presentation, with the impact and punch or the delicacy and softness that each song requires. Take a look at the Equipment section and you will see that we are prepared for the most demanding jobs.


Analog and digital mastering, according to each project. We assure you a 100% professional result.

Nuestra Mesa Curuxa Customs

Give the last touch to your mixes with us. We will make sure that the tonal balance is adequate and we will give it the final volume you need, in a totally transparent way, always respecting your mixes and your intention. We’ve had the chance to work at studios like Metropolis Mastering and Abbey Road Mastering and learn a few things from the best.

Voice overs

Recording of voice overs for advertising, radio and television.

Neumann U67

We deliver clean recordings, adjusted to the level you need and with the highest sound quality.

No resonances, hiss, excess bass, or unnecessary reverb.

We can comply with the EBU R128 norm or any other broadcast standard.

We have worked for televisions and radios such as Cuatro and RTPA, advertising and audiobooks.

Mobile unit

Concert recording, sound for films and documentaries, etc.

500 Series Lunchbox

We can record concerts or events occupying a minimum space in the room and with the most advanced microphones. We also have equipment for field recording that allows us to record four tracks (battery powered if necessary). We have DPA and pole microphones. Works carried out for clients such as the Princess of Asturias Foundation, RTPA and Netflix.

Audio restoration

We can fix your problem. We can repair and improve the quality of any sound recording.

Softube Console 1

With our advanced audio restoration tools, we can improve the quality of your voiceover, field recording, camera sound or any kind of recording or sound file.

We can eliminate distortion, clicks and pops, and excess reverberation; correct the muddy sound of a badly placed lapel mic, wind noise or rustling; eliminate noises from digitized vinyl records, etc.

Tell us what you need, we’re certain to have a solution!